Certified Tax Practitioners in Eswatini

Tax Compliance, Consultation, Monthly Tax Return, Annual Tax Return, PAYE Reconciliation, Accounting Services, Bookkeeping Services, Financial Statements, Management Accounts, Tax Restructuring, Tax Review, Tax Advisory, Financial Systems Analyses, Design and Implementation, Payroll, Tax Litigation, VAT Refund, Tax Dispute (Audit, Objection, Appeal), Tax Consultation, Tax Refund, and more.

    Bookkeeping Services
    Financial Statements
    Financial Systems Analyses, Design and Implementation
Tax Compliance
Tax Compliance
    Monthly Tax Return
    Annual Tax Return
    PAYE Reconciliation
Tax Management Strategy
Tax Management Strategy
    Tax Restructuring
    Tax Review
    Tax Advisory Services
Tax Litigation
Tax Litigation
    VAT Refund
    Tax Dispute (Audit, Objection, Appeal)
    Tax Consultation
    Tax Refund

Tax Masters

Tax Masters is managed by highly experienced practitioners who understand Eswatini’s tax laws and strive to provide the best tax consultancy service.

We have served a wide range of national clients from many different industries and in various fields such as: manufacturing, trading, agriculture, construction, etc.
We focus on serving Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME”) since their needs for advisory services are generalIy underserved. We also take pride in bringing them onto better footings and into new growth potentials.
We ensure quality, compliance, and effective communication with our clients. We provide detailed reports to our clients to help them make informed decisions.


To be a trusted and professional tax consulting firm who complies with the tax rules of Eswatini and brings benefit to both client and country.


Giving high quality services that exceed our client’s expectations.

Providing useful and relevant advice for business problems.

Building good relationships and networking with all stakeholders.

Our Promise

CAPACITY: Possess the necessary technical skills to solve our clients’ problems.

INTEGRITY: Confidentiality of clients’ privacy.

QUALITY: Deliver only the best service to clients.